Hoofcare Services

I serviceĀ Penrith NSW and surrounds up to a half an hours travel. I very rarely run late – to help me keep on schedule, please have all your horses caught, tied up, with their legs dried/cleaned of mud and hooves pickedĀ before your appointment time.



Travel costs negotiated with me and split between each client in the area.


No Pathology:

  • Set up trim – $70
  • Maintenance trim – $60 (if within 6 weeks of previous trim by me)
    • Trims include thrush treatment and mild seedy toe resection if necessary
  • Shoe removal – $5 per pair of shoes removed

Pathology (e.g. laminitis, navicular, seedy toe/white line disease)

  • Charged at an hourly rate of $150, on the half hour

Owner Trimmer Support

  • $150 per hour. Includes a full trim of all four feet

Nail on Composite Shoes (Easyshoe, Epona, Costin etc)

  • $150 per pair of shoes
  • Resets $80
  • Please let me know well in advance that you need composite shoes. I may or may not have the size required in stock and might have to order them in

Glue on Composite Shoes

  • Charged at hourly rate of $150, charged on the half hour, plus materials
  • Please note the following requirements for glue on shoes:
    • Please let me know well in advance that you want to do glue ons. I may not have all sizes of shoes in stock and may need to order them in
    • I need access to a firm dry concrete surface and electrical mains
    • The horse needs to be able to stand still with her hoof picked up for 5 minutes or more for the glue to set
    • Glue shoes take time to apply. Please allow an hour and a half at least for a full uncomplicated trim and one pair of shoes to be applied. It may not, however, take this long

Hoof Boot Consult

  • $10 per pair of feet measured. This should only be done after a fresh trim and includes measurement and boot recommendations. Fee is taken off the cost of the boot if you purchase the boots through me.