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I'm a farrier and barefoot trimmer who operates in the Penrith area and surrounds. I am available to travel to all areas within a 30-minute radius of Penrith, New South Wales, including:

    - Kurrajong - Blue Mountains - Hawkesbury - Mulgoa - Luddenham - Castlereagh - Box Hill - Oakville - Schofields - Orchard Hills - Bringelly - Wilberforce - Glossodia

Barefoot Trimming

Barefoot Trimming

Keeping barefoot horses
sound and healthy,
every day

A correctly trimmed and balanced bare hoof is the epitome of hoof health. Trimming to keep your barefoot horse sound requires extensive knowledge of the inner workings of the hoof and lower leg, plus a deep understanding of how diet and environment can limit or enhance barefoot performance.

A barefoot trim, based on the wild horse’s hoof, differs greatly from a pasture trim; a professional barefoot trim is a naturally functional trim, which promotes healthy hoof function, while respecting the internal structures of the hoof.

The Glorious Hoof's barefoot trimming services include:

    Set up trims
    Maintenance trims
    Shoe removal/transition to barefoot
    Pathological hooves

Glue on Shoes

Glue on Shoes

A non-invasive permanent hoof protection for the recovering
or working horse

Glue-on shoes are non-invasive when compared with traditional metal shoes that require nailing. They are a wonderful tool that can be used when your horse is unable to cope with physical demands or their hooves are in poor condition, or suffering from pain and inflammation.

The plastic shoe and soft putty material assist in reducing concussion and provide comfort and stimulation to stressed soles. When applied with acrylic glue, they can be used to build balance. The shoe itself can also be altered to reduce leverage to the internal bones and soft tissues and restore a shorter toe.

The Glorious Hoof recommends and uses the Easycare range of glue on shoes.

Nail On Polyshoes

Nail-on Polyshoes

A modern alternative
to traditional
hoof care

Nail-on polyshoes are an amazing alternative to metal shoes for horse owners who wish to provide their horses with comfort without compromising hoof function.

Polyshoes are wide webbed, which means they share the load between the sole and hoof wall, promoting normal concussion and healthy circulation. Polyshoes provide your horse with competition-legal hoof protection that is barefoot friendly.

The Glorious Hoof recommends and uses Easyshoe, Epona and Costin horse shoes.

Hoof Boot Consult

Hoof Boot Consultation

Horse-friendly compromise
between barefoot
and shod

Hoof boots offer a compromise between barefoot and shod. They provide protection when your horse needs it most, such as when working, and can be easily removed when you want your horse to return to barefoot.

When fitted correctly, hoof boots are comfortable and shield your horse’s hooves from harsh surfaces, supporting hoof health and longevity. Hoof boots are a cost-effective and long-lasting alternative to traditional metal shoes.

A hoof boot consultation should only be done after a fresh trim and includes measurements and hoof boot recommendations. You can also purchase a variety of trusted hoof boot brands through The Glorious Hoof at no extra charge.

The Glorious Hoof uses and recommends the Easycare boot range and Scoot Boots, with knowledge on a variety of other brands.

Rehabilitation Hoof Care

Rehabilitation Hoof Care

When your horse needs a
committed farrier in their corner for the
long trip back to health

Sadly, many horses have sore feet. A professional farrier and barefoot hoof trimmer, as part of your horse's health care team, can help you identify any underlying factors and work towards restoring healthy hoof function. The aim of rehabilitation is to return the hooves to a state of health, free from pain, inflammation and disease.

Selecting a professionally trained hoof care practitioner is imperative when rehabilitating your horse to soundness. The Glorious Hoof’s approach to rehabilitation hoof care can be used to rehabilitate horses from many degenerative lameness problems, including:

    Navicular disease
    Limb deformities
    Hoof imbalances
    Hoof infections

Peformance Hoof Care

Performance Hoof Care

Strong, healthy feet keeping
horses in work, so you can keep
reaching your goals!

Regular professional hoof care is important for all horses. Performance horses can and do perform better barefoot or with alternative protection to traditional metal shoes. Only with correct trimming and shoeing can your horse achieve their full athletic potential.

Performance hoof care is a complete service for horse owners with competitive goals. It is suitable for all Olympic and non-Olympic disciplines, including:

    Show Jumping
    Competitive Trail Riding

Do you have questions or concerns about your horse's hooves?

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The Glorious Hoof

Since picking up my first rasp at the age of 12, I have been obsessed with hooves. As a self-confessed hoof geek, I kept my own horses hooves in check from a young age. My first stint as a barefoot trimmer began during the Equine Influenza outbreak in 2007 when I began assisting fellow agistees, looking after their horses feet when their normal farriers could not due to quarantine.

In 2011, I attended workshops with the Barefoot Blacksmith, Andrew Bowe, and realised a new career path lay ahead of me as a professional farrier and hoof care practitioner. I completed a Diploma in Equine Podiotherapy with the Australian College of Equine Podiotherapy in 2013 and I am half way through a Bachelor in Equine Science at Charles Sturt University.

As a true advocate for horse health from the hooves up, I attend professional development clinics and workshops every year to keep up to date with the best practice in barefoot, booted and polyurethane hoof care. These include The Bowker Lectures, Daisy Haven Farm Clinics and the Australian Farriers Conference, plus anything else I can manage to get myself to.

In the past I have learned from fellow hoof care practitioners such as Andrew Bowe, Pete Ramey, Daisy Bicking and David Landreville. In addition, I am currently enrolled in the Daisy Haven Farm Level 1 Endorsement Program which is a commitment to completing 2 Daisy Haven Farm Radiograph and Glue on shoe clinics each year.

I am a member of the Equine Lameness Prevention Organisation. I am also a member and the present Secretary of the Australian Association of Equine Podiotherapists.

Customer Policy

What can you, as my client, expect from me?

I am a professional hoof care provider who has been working in the industry since 2013. I am a member of the Equine Lameness Prevention Organisation and the Australian Association of Equine Podiotherapists, and I am fully insured. Each year, I attend multiple continuing education seminars, clinics and conferences, so you know I am kept up to date with the most current best practice when it comes to barefoot, booted and polyurethane hoof care. I will keep your horse on a 4-6 week schedule, turn up on time, and you can always expect a professional communicative service.

What can I expect from you, my client?

To do my very best work, I need a work environment that is clean, dry, flat, and well lit. Your horse needs to be caught, clean and dry before our appointment time. I am only able to work with well behaved horses. Payment needs to be settled during the appointment unless arranged prior. I issue an invoice on the spot with multiple payment options, cash or card payments.


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  • The Glorious Hoof

    “My eventer, Teddy, was never sound barefoot and even shod he wasn’t quite right, and we started having issues jumping because of his feet. Before Lisa, we tried a bunch of different shoeing options but nothing seemed to help. When Lisa shod him in poly shoes, he went from having the the most troublesome feet to jumping better than ever. A few years later he is now sound barefoot (which I would never have believed before Lisa became our farrier) and he is being ridden by my daughter” – Debbi

  • The Glorious Hoof

    "Lisa has looked after my boy for 7+ years now. She's worked incredibly hard to get my thoroughbreds hooves not just looking great but performing great. I'll never use anyone else, she truly is glorious." - Jess

  • The Glorious Hoof

    “I have been using Lisa for 3 years now and I've had horses come and go, I've taken on rescues and neglected horses that haven't seen a farrier in years! I have horses come in shoes and transition to barefoot sensationally. I've had all kinds of breeds and all kinds of disciplines. Her knowledge and dedication have been the most inspiring. Her time spent with each individual horse analysing how it moves and what each hoof needs has just been perfection. I have learnt so much from Lisa and will continue to use her, my horses hooves and soundness have never been what they are today and for that I am so grateful I found her.” – Kayleigh

  • The Glorious Hoof

    “Huge thanks to Lisa, who’s taken my pony from being shod with contracted heels, to a pony who’s happy on all surfaces barefoot. My horse Monkey & I have just started endurance and Lisa helped measure and fit boots and he’s feeling the best he ever has! I highly recommend barefoot trimming - it’s done wonders for my little mate"Sophie

  • The Glorious Hoof

    “Lisa has been my farrier over the past year, hearing of her through word of mouth she has been absolutely fantastic! My horse has a lot more sole depth and thickness thanks to Lisa. Lisa is always happy to explain her work so you have a better understanding of your horses hooves! Happy horse, happy owner.” – Todd

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